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Welcome to Alaska Speech-Language-Hearing Association 


AKSHA recognizes that speech-language pathology and audiology are distinct professions that are closely aligned and have a mutual concern and interest in individuals with communication disorders.

Our mission is to consistently demonstrate excellent standards of practice through continuing education and evidence-based practices, our professional Code of Ethics, and a commitment to increase and enhance knowledge in communication sciences and disorders.

The Alaska Speech-Language-Hearing Association (AKSHA) will meet the needs and promote the interests of its membership and those we serve. We will use innovative methods to promote state-of-the-art and evidence-based practices. We believe in the equal access to the highest quality services for all people with communication disabilities. We believe in the development and dissemination of knowledge regarding communication disorders to professionals and the public.

AKSHA is operated by volunteers from the membership. There more than 170 AKSHA members across the state. The officers, advisory councilors and committee chairs make up the Executive Board (E-Board) of our Association.

For information, please contact E-Board President, Amy Russell via email at


P.O. Box 111993

Anchorage, Alaska 99511



Upcoming events

16 Oct 2015 • Anchorage Sheraton Hotel

Executive Board

AKSHA is operated by volunteers from the membership. More than 170 AKSHA members reside across the state. The AKSHA Executive Board (E-Board) consists of 4 officers, 2 ASHA Advisory Councilors and 8 Committee Chairs. Below is a list of the current E-Board and subcommittee members.

OFFICERS – Elected by AKSHA membership

1. President: Amy Russell,

2. President Elect/Past President (alternating years): Monica Glen, President-Elect

3. Secretary: Sarah Colle McWilliams

4. Treasurer: Chris Gravley,

ASHA Advisory Councilors – Elected by ASHA membership

1. Molly Thompson, SLP (2013-2015)

2. Daniel Williams, Aud (2015-2017)

COMMITTEE CHAIRS – Appointed by AKSHA E-board

1. Advocacy Chair: Matthew Sandoval

2. Communications Chair: Amy Hogue,

3. Continuing Education (CE) SLP co-Chair: Kathie Morgan

4. Continuing Education (CE) Audiology co-Chair: OPEN

5. Membership Chair: Christina Harris,

6. Nominations/Awards/Scholarships (NAS) Chair: Rhonda Neill, 

7. Special Interests (SI) Audiology co-Chair: Susan Bunting 

8. Special Interests (SI) SLP co-Chair: Cristina Bieber


Advocacy-STAR: Nancy Lovering

Advocacy-SMAC: Anne Ver Hoef

Advocacy-SEAL: Laura Young-Campbell

CE-ASHA CEU Administrator for AKSHA: Monica Glen

Communications-VOICE Editor: Maya Gamez-Dunham

Communications-member: Katie Millican

NAS-Scholarships: Celia Foley,

NAS-Awards: OPEN

NAS-Nominations: OPEN

SI-Ethics & Regulations: Cheryl Campbell

SI-Healthcare: OPEN

SI-Private Practice: Anne Ver Hoef

SI-Public Schools: Laura Young-Campbell, Karen Stafford, Pam Christianson

SI-Rural Networking: OPEN

SI-SLPAs: Ellen Brigham

SI-SLP & AUD Students: OPEN

Committees and subcommittees need and welcome new members. Contact Nominations/Awards/Scholarship Committee Chair for more information!

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